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Mahatma Gandhi College is a leading centre of research among the Arts and Science colleges in the state of Kerala. Among the nine postgraduate departments in the college, the following seven are recognized research centres of the University of Kerala .

1. PG department of Physics and Research Centre
2. PG department of Botany and Research Centre
3. PG department of Zoology and Research Centre
4. PG department of Chemistry and Research Centre
5. PG department of Commerce and Research Centre
6. PG department of Malayalam and Research Centre
7. PG department of Hindi and Research Centre

The first department to be elevated as a research centre was the PG Department of Physics in 1983. The PG department of Botany was recognized as a Research Centre in 1988. At present there are 21 research guides in the college. The research facilities of the college are also extended to former faculty members of the college and experts working in other institutions. They serve as external guides of the departments concerned. The complete list of the approved guides is given separately. More than fifty PhDs have been produced from these centres so far. The faculty members of the departments have completed many major and minor projects. The faculty have published more than 300 research papers in reputed international and national journals, and presented papers in many international and national conferences. The departments also have international and national collaborations in the research activities.

Only candidates who have qualified the NET by UGC or the entrance test conducted by the University of Kerala with not less than 55% marks in their masters will be considered for registration for Ph.D. (For SC/ST candidates 45% marks in Science and 40% marks in Arts and Commerce fetch the eligibility). As there are only limited number of openings for PhD in the college, the candidates can have the details from the respective departments.

Malayalam Name Specialization No.of Scholars

Dr. N. Ajithkumar
Literature, Theatre 04

Hindi Name Specialization No.of Scholars
Dr. K. Manikantan Nair
Drama 02
Dr. Asha S. Nair
Poetry 02
Dr. SR. Jayasree
Poetry (Dalit & Environrnt) 01

Physics Name Specialization No.of Scholars
Dr K C Ajith Prasad Laser 2

Chemistry Name Specialization No.of Scholars
Dr G Jayakumar Phytochemistry 04
Dr. M.D. Ajitha Bai
Phyto Chemistry O4
Dr. C.G. Radhakrishnan Namboori
Coordination Chemistry 04
Dr. M.r. Sudarsana Kumar
Coordination Chemistry 02
Dr S Balachandran Physical organic 02
Dr Sudha devi Physical organic 02

Name Specialization No.of Scholars
Botany Dr. K.G. Ajit Kumar
Plant Physiology 03

Zoology Name Specialization No.of Scholars
Dr. P.R. Geetha
Insect Physiology 03
Dr. P. Madhusoodaran Pillai
Environmental & Aquatic Biology 03

Commerce Name Specialization No.of Scholars
Dr Manmadhan Management 03
Dr.V. Harikumar
Industrial Economics & Banking 05
Dr K Manoharan nair
Dr.S.V.Venugopan Nair Former Principal, NSS Colleges
Dr.P.Sethunath Former HoD, MG College
Dr.P.Ramachandran Nair Former Reader, MG College
Dr. B. Sudheendran Pillai
Principal, N S S College, Pandalam
Dr.R.B. Rajalakshmi
Former Head of Department
Dr. K.S. Ravi Kumar
Professor, Sanskrit University, Kalady

Dr. M.N.Sreedharan Nair Former Principal, NSS colleges
Dr.N.Vasudevan Nair Former Reader, M G College
Dr.C.Mohanakumaran Nair Former Reade, and HoD, M G College
Dr.V.Narasimha Iyer, Former Reader, and HoD, M G College
Dr.M.H. Rahim Kutty MSM college, Kayamkulam
Dr.M.Deepa All Saints College,Trivandrum
Dr K Madhukumar Controller of Examinations, University of Kerala

Dr.R.Krishnan Former Reader, MG College
Dr.S.Balachandran NSS College, Cherthala
Dr.R.Sudha Devi MMNSS College, Kottiyam

Dr. G.Vilasini Former HoD, M G College
Dr.P.Sreedevi Former HoD, M G College
Dr.R.Prakash Kumar Principal Scientific Officer, KSCSTE
Dr.Suma Maheswari NSS College for Women, Karamana

Dr.K.G.Narayana Pillai Former Principal, NSS Colleges
Dr.K.K.Sreedevi Amma Former HoD, MG College
Dr.V.R.Vijayalekhmi, Former Reader, NSS College, Pandalam
Dr.N.P.Suresh Babu VTMNSS College , Dhanuvachapuram

Dr.B.Vijayachandran Pillai VTMNSS College, Dhanuvachapuram
Dr.S.Mohanan VTMNSS College, Dhanuvachapuram
Dr.B.Manmadhan VTMNSS College, Dhanuvachapuram

Research Awarded


UGC Major Research Project

UGC Minor Research Project