Department of History & Politics


The department of history was established in 1999 and it offers degree course with tourism as subsidiary. Diffusing knowledge in history of the world and our nation in general by giving more emphasis on political and cultural changes taken place. Besides, knowledge on the history of science and technology, Tourism and its importance on income generation, preservation of Heritage for the Development of Tourism, Development of Tourists spots are also imparting.

Taking into consideration, the low socio – economic status and the below par academic background of most entrants, a system has been developed by the Dept. through which more participation on the part of the parents are ensured. Further, the students are classified into various groups, based on their abilities, and teachers are put in charge of each group for keenly watching their improvement. Instructions are given frequently to make sure that they are kept in track always. Parent – Teacher meetings are held regularly and the issues relating to their studies are discussed with the parents, and practical solutions are derived for ensuring the desired results.

For the identification of drawbacks of the students’ performance in education, weekly tests are being conducted regularly. Remedial classes are arranged for those weak students. The tutors monitor the performance of each and every student regularly and suggest appropriate remedial measures for their improvement .Opportunities are provided to bright students to present papers on chosen topics and lead discussions in the classroom. It brings in courage and confidence to the students, to participate in seminars and competitions. The number of prizes won by our students in elocution and essay competitions is a testimony on it. We also have a purposeful Alumni association.

A Tourism Club is formed by the Department with the co-operation of the District Tourism Promotion Council, Thiruvananthapuram and it undertakes so many activities in the college to get first hand knowledge to the students on tourism activities going on in the state. Although the insufficiency of funds curbs our initiatives, we are on the move with the available resources.

We have completed a minor project with the financial aid from the UGC, and another one is submitted for approval.

News letter 2017