Department of Psychology


The Department of Psychology was established in 1981. The department maintains a long term association with the students even after passing out from the college and encourages individual autonomy, responsiveness to student/parent needs & feedback, and gives ample opportunities for vast exposure to the students. Warm teacher-student relationship & strong alumni render strong support to the Department. The faculties are eager in developing Indian Psychology through various activities.

Regular lecture classes, invited lectures, seminars and other innovative teaching techniques are used to make students familiar with advancement of this branch of knowledge. PSYCHEX-a unique technique – (psychology exhibition) provides the students the opportunity to present before others what they have so far studied in the classrooms. Regular assessment through tests helps students to realize their strength & weakness. Each batch of students is assigned the responsibility of coordinating & conducting one programme every year which in turn gives them opportunity for personality development.

The Department runs a Counseling unit in the college which is used by both staff and students. CARE& SHARE PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES (Dr.Mridula Nair ) , FOCUS ( Dr.Adithi ) are the two voluntary action groups consisting of former and present students of this Department under the leadership of  the two retired teachers. They carry out community awareness programme, mental health training, counseling etc.
The results in the university examinations of the department have always been excellent. Miss Mareena Wesley secured 1st Rank (92%) & Miss. Devika Bose secured 2nd rank in the university exams during 2007 and the 100% success is achieved in 2008. Miss Shari N bagged the 1st Rank in the university exams during 2011. Mathanghi (2013), Pravitha Pillai (University 3nd rank- 2014), Gowri ( University 1st rank-2015), Shilpa(2016) and GowriPriya K (2017) are our toppers

“PRAJNA”, the alumni association formed in 1995 is a real asset of the dept. “Prajna Day” is celebrated on the second Saturday of June, every year.Prajna supports our students in different ways:
1. By instituting two awards:(Syamkumar Award for Best Outgoing Student & Prajna Award for top Scorer in Final Year Examinations. )
2. Placement assistance
3. Connectivity
4. Guidance through guest talks, experience sharing etc.
5. Virtual meeeting by maintaining a website:

The department believes that both the teachers & parents share equally, the responsibility of nurturing the future generations. So PTA meets twice in a year. Parents and students are made conversant on the scope and prospects of the subject Psychology at their first day at the college itself. Parental expectations are collected at the first meeting. Parental counselling is also provided in the meeting. Special programmes are given for effective parenting. Feedback on the department is collected at the subsequent meetings. Open-door policy is maintained with personal contacts with many parents. Resourceful parents are given opportunity to associate with the department activities.

The department takes initiatives to carry out various programmes for all students of the college. The units functioning under this department are:
1. Councelling cell
2. Career Guidance Unit

Since 2015-16 Department runs a Certificate Course in Yoga and Stress Management. World Mental Health Day is observed every year with meaningful activities.