Department of Sociology


The Sociology department of M.G. College, Thiruvananthapuram came into existence in the year 1980. As a result of the sincere and concerted efforts of the teachers, the Department could launch a brilliant group of students in flying colours in to the sky of this prestigious institution.

Since inception of the Department, most of the first rank holders of university have emerged from this college. This year also ,in 2008, Mr. Pradeesh from this Department has bagged the first rank. For us, it is a matter of pride that not even a single product of this Department is wandering jobless. The faculty of this Department encourages a unique, open, and continuous process of appraisal and feed back from the students and their parents. The mission of this Department is to impart value based education system depending upon the contemporary needs and trends through participation by social methods ensuring the quality of sociological education.

We complete the portions with a predictable regularity, every year. Periodical tests and examinations are conducted within the prescribed time limit to ensure better results. Study tours, and travel to tribal areas, old age homes etc. are conducted, to ensure the involvement of students in social activities outside the campus.

We have a lively organization of alumni named Smriti, which was officially inaugurated by the renowned former IAS officer, and presently a social activist Dr. Babu Paul, in 2005. A gathering of the forum is held in March, every year. PTA meetings are also conducted by the respective group tutors. We hope that with the unique cooperation of teachers, students and parents, the Department is sure to achieve greater heights of excellence, in future.