Department of Zoology


The Department was established in 1950 and is one of the earliest Departments of the College. The Department offers Degree and Post Graduate courses in Zoology. It is an approved Research Centre too, under the University of Kerala. The Research Department undertakes various programmes including research guidance to scholars undergoing PhD programme as well as projects undertaken by the Department. Till date, three research scholars, who have worked here, have been awarded PhD degree by the Kerala University. Presently, two fulltime and three part time scholars are engaged in research leading for PhD. Taking into consideration the difference in socio-economic status and the educational backgrounds, the new entrants in graduate courses are classified into groups, based on their capabilities. Their performances are assessed by the Group tutors and proper guidance is given in accordance with the inputs from their parents. The tutorial system and PTS act as grievance redressal mechanism also. In remedial teaching, the Group tutor identifies the weaker students in a class and special coaching classes are given to them.

Enrichment activities A Wall Magazine is displayed in the department with contributions from the students. Recent developments in science are reported in this. A hand written magazine Janthubhoomi – is published by our students, every month, an example for their extracurricular initiatives. Both PG and Degree students regularly participate in seminars and competitions in and outside the college. There is a wellrun old students organization “MGCAAZ” which gives prizes to outstanding students and conduct programmes like “Guruvandanam” for honouring retired teachers. Reputed Alumini of our department includes: Dr.M. Radhakrishan Pillai, Director, Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology, Prof. Hashim, Registrar, Kerala University, Sri. James Varghese I.A.S. and many others. The Zoology Museum which has been a prestige for the whole College, has many rare and precious specimens acquired during the past five decades.

Extension Activity. Our students engage themselves in conducting awareness programmes on epidemic fevers for the general public, setting an example how to use their knowledge for the community. During the last five years, two major projects, one funded by UGC and another by KSCSTE, and a UGC minor project have been successful completed.