Study Tours, Excursions & Picnics


The institution stands supportive to the idea of organizing Study Tours, Excursions & Picnics, once in the last year of a graduation course. The college has also framed certain guidelines, as shown below, which are to be followed strictly while organizing the trips.

1. Students are not permitted to organize study tours, excursions, or picnics without knowledge and consent of the Principal and Department Heads.
2. Study tours are to be organized by the respective Departments.
3. Only final year students are permitted to go on excursions and tours.
4. Written consent in the prescribed form should be obtained from the guardians, by all the students going on tour/excursion.
5. An itinerary, boarding places, places of visit, list of participants etc. should be submitted to the Principal before proceeding on a tour / excursion.
6. No student from another class shall be permitted to join a class going on excursion.
7. There should be a minimum of two teachers (one male and one female) to accompany each team on tour.