Library and Reading room


College provides facility to all students for reading and borrowing books. Now the library has more than 60,000 books and subscribes to a number of dailies and periodicals. All operations are computerized and a new library software is introduced.
The college library has four sections;
1. Reference section
2. General section
3. Department section
4. Internet section

A. Reference:
1. Reference books will not be lent out to students. However, the students can refer these books during working under the supervision of library staff.
2. Reference books will be lent out to the teaching staff for a maximum period of one week the permission of the Professor-in-charge of the library.

B. General and Departmental Library:
1. Working time of General Library will be from 9.30 am to 4.00 pm
2. Three books for a Degree student and five books for a P.G. student shall be issued at a time.
3. Requests for books may be submitted in prescribed form and deposited in the box provided for the purpose before 1.30 p, on the previous working day specified for each class. Books shall be issued between 9.30 and 4.00 pm on the specific day. The books shall be returned between 9.30 am and 4.00 pm.
4. Schedule for issue of books:
Monday — I DC Thursday —— I PG
Tuesday — II DC Friday —— II DC
Wednesday —III DC
5. A book is issued on surrendering the library card issued to the student earlier. The card shall be given back when the book is returned.
6. Principal / Professor-in-charge of library has the right to call back any book issued, even if the period of loan has not expired.
7. A fine of Rs.1/-will be levied per book, per day for delay in returning of books.
8. Writing, underlining, soiling or damaging of books is strictly prohibited. For such damage three times the cost of the books at the current prices shall be levied.
9. Books lost have to be replaced failing which three times the current price of the books shall be levied as fine.
10. If any book in a series / set is lost or damaged, the borrower has to replace the entire set or pay three times the price of the whole set.
11. The borrower has to verify the damage, if any, before leaving the counter. Damage, if any, may be reported to the librarian and recorded in the ledge. Otherwise, the borrower shall be responsible for the damage or mutilation as found in the book on its return.
12. Transfer or sub-lending or library books is strictly prohibited.
13. The control of the Departmental Library is vested with the HOD.
14. All library functions are computerised. General library and departmental librasries are networked.

C. Reading Room:
1. The papers and periodicals attached to tables in the reading room shall not be removed.
2. Complete silence shall be observed in the reading room.
3. Bags, umbrellas, books, personal belongings etc., should be kept outside the reading room.
4. Readers shall vacate the hall five minutes prior to the closing time.
D. Internet / electronic library.
Internet facilities are available to the staff and the students on nominal charges. Those who wish to utilize the facility should get prior permission from the Professor-in-charge. Electronic copies of journals are available for reference.


Mr. V.K Jayan I Grade Librarian