Issue of Certificate


  1. Transfer Certificate is issued only after clearances of all fees and other dues.
  2. Conduct of the student shall be certified by the Group Tutor/Class Teacher / Head of the Department for issuing a conduct certificate.
  3. Late fee of Rs.15/- is levied for issuing T.C. if applied one year after the student had left the college.
  4. All requests shall be in the prescribed form which can be had from the college co-operative store.
  5. Certificates are issued normally after seven days of submitting the application.
  6. Certificates shall be sent by Registered Post only on written request, in prescribed form, accompanied by a self-addressed and sufficiently stamped envelop.
  7. The following forms will be available in the Co-operative stores:
    • Form for CD Rs. 1.00
    • Form for TC/Conduct Certificate Rs. 1.00