Our Maintenance Policy


Policy details of systems and procedures for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities on the web.(lab, library, sports complex, computers and class rooms)


The comprehensive infrastructure of the College is constituted by elementary features like buildings, classrooms and playgrounds, and advanced attributes like ICT-enabled classrooms and laboratory facilities.


The Heads of the respective Departments superintend the research , PG  and UG laboratories. Each of the curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular facilities available in the Departments are maintained and managed in such a way that they are freely accessible to all the students, but strictly monitored by a member of the faculty, who is in charge of the particular class as their Group Tutor. The research-related facilities are made use of by the research scholars of the College on a time-sharing basis, under the supervision of the respective Research Guides, Heads of the Departments and the coordinator of the research committee.


The major funds which aid in the enrichment and maintenance of infrastructural facilities are from the Management, the PTA, the government (PD, UGC, CPE, CSIR, FIST, etc.), Minor Research Projects and Major Research Projects.


Our management, The Nair Service Society, a synonym for selfless service and social commitment was founded by the late Sri.Mannathu Padmanabhan on 31-10-1914. Having nurtured well the dream of liberation from poverty, misery and ignorance, and through persistence, tireless efforts, vision and farsightedness, the N.S.S opened an array of educational institutions, hospitals and other socially beneficial institutions all over the state. It runs more than a hundred schools, 15 arts and science colleges, 3 training colleges, 1 engineering college, 1 homeo medical college, several nursing colleges, 1 polytechnic college, T.T.C schools, working women hostels and technical institutions. The NSS is ever determined to comply with the founding noble ideals and high principles.


The Nair Service Society (NSS) is a non-profitable organization which, among many other objectives, is obligated to impart equitable education as a means of socio-cultural emancipation, as a means of economic empowerment of the underprivileged masses and as a tool for the development of character, competence and commitment. The NSS maintains its own engineering wing. The College intimates to the NSS when the need for works towards the establishment, repair or development of the infrastructure arises, and in due course the engineering wing submits proposals and meets the College’s requirement.


The PTA continues to be the strong pillar and support for the smooth functioning of the college. In order to achieve the objectives set by the institution, PTA maintains strong working relationships among parents, teachers and other institutions, in support of students. The PTA ensures all kinds of support and assistance towards the development of the college after having a budgetary allocation of fund for various purposes. Each year a nominal amount is collected from the students getting admission to UG and PG courses at the time of admission made as PTA fund and it is earmarked for providing facilities to improve the physical condition of college and for the welfare of the students. PTA provide fund for day to day maintenance of the college including electricity, water and other service charges, appointing teaching and non teaching temporary staff over and above the sanctioned posts for the smooth functioning of the academic and administrative activities, funding for academic programmes like seminars, conferences/workshops, conducting ceremonies, college beautification, women empowerment, co curricular activities, merit awards for academic and extracurricular excellence and other staff and students welfare programmes.


The institution avidly insists on credibility and transparency in all transactions, and it reveres social audit more than anything else. As a manifestation of this ideal, a Purchase Committee is constituted to administer all the purchases made in the campus. There are ample guidelines legislated for the Committee to exercise its powers judiciously. The Principal and a Convener, nominated by the College Council, head the Committee.


While purchasing any product annual maintenance contract and warranty is kept as one of the important criterion.


The Planning Board draws up and submits its proposals with a solid vision of the progress of the institution occurring over a long period of time to come. Moreover, the Board assists the College in drafting proposals and budgets to obtain financial assistance from various statutory organizations such as UGC, HRD, state government bodies, etc. The Board ensures proper implementation of the sanctioned schemes, and the equitable distribution of the funds allotted. The Planning Board is ushered by the Principal and a Convener, nominated by the College Council.


The IT Club, commonly known as the Computer club, renders common computer facility in the institution. An uninterrupted network supply is provided every Department, the College office and the computer centre are connected through optic fibre cables as a network which is monitored by the IT Club. A Photocopy centre is also in a row under IT Club. The College Council puts forward a member of the faculty to serve as the Convener of the IT Club.


All common seminar halls, auditoriums, audio systems, play grounds, toilets, rest rooms are maintained by PTA and Management. The Principal monitors the utilization of these spatial facilities.