Co-Operative Society

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Cooperative Society

The Co-operative Society and Store, sanctioned by the Department of Co-operative Societies, Government of Kerala, operates within the college premises. Managed by a democratically elected Board of Directors, it offers stationary items and textbooks to students at discounted rates. Additionally, it supplies various stationary essentials to the College Office. Banking services including Savings Accounts, Fixed Deposits, Loans, Recurring Deposits, and MDS are extended to college employees. This initiative fosters a symbiotic relationship within the college community, promoting accessibility to essential goods and financial services while embodying the principles of cooperation and mutual benefit. 

Board of Directors 

President : Dr. Beena. M. (Principal) 

Vice President : Ms.Priya.LG 

Secretary : Dr. K.Radhakrishnan 

Assistant Secretary : Dr.Jayadev.S 


1. Dr. R. Ram Kumar 

2. Mr.N. K.Sunilkumar 

3. Dr.Chitra.VS 

4. Dr.Ajith.G.Krishna 

5. Dr.Vinod.AS 

6. Ms.Sangeetha.SS 

7. Ms.Sreedevi.S