Department of Commerce

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Post graduate Department of Commerce and Research Centre is one of the oldest departments of the college housed in a separate block. The department came into existence with launching of B.Com degree course in 1957 and started post graduation courses in 1967. In appreciation of the quality of teaching and dedicated efforts exhibited in research and extension work, the University of Kerala recognised the Department as a research centre in 2001. The department offers courses in three-year degree programme leading to Bachelor degree in commerce, two year Post Graduate programme leading to Master degree in commerce and research programme leading to Doctoral degree in commerce. The department tops the institution in terms of demand for admission and results. The research output is also superior. The Department has 7 permanent faculty members and a part-time law lecturer. All the faculty members having PhD degrees and four members are approved guides of the University of Kerala. The department produces more than 40 Ph.Ds’ in the last five years. The department have 4 internal research supervisors and 4 external research supervisors. Padma Bhushan Mohanlal, Dr. Sasi Kumar, Sri Balagopal (Finance Minister) Dr. Resmi R Prasad, Dr. Baiju Ramachandran etc are the prominent Alumni of Commerce Department.