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Department of Malayalam is one of the prestigious departments in our college. It has a rich tradition. The post Graduate course was started in 1993. Prof. M P Manmadhan, the great social reformer and Gandhiyan philosopher was one of our prominent faculty members. Dr. A R Gopalapillai, eminent scholar and grammarian, Prof. Cherukunnam Purushotthaman, well known scholar and poet, Prof. G Gopalakrishnan Nair, a versatile genius, Dr. S V Venugopan Nair, the well known short story writer who won the Kerala Sahithya Academy Award. Dr. P Sethunathan and Prof. S Achyuthavariar were some of the reputed Members of the faculty. Many of our teachers are well known writers, academicians, research guides, orators, award winners and media personalities. An active alumni association which is functioning under the patronage of the famous poet, Prof. V Madhusoodanan Nair, has been a source of inspiration to our department. The department organises seminars and workshops with the approval and sponsorship of UGC. The department conducts Ramayana Seminar on July/August (‘Karkkadakam’) and Keralappiravi Seminar in November every year. Terminal examinations and test papers are conducted regularly. Assignments and discussions, NET coaching, Special classes and enrichment programs, supplement teaching. Innovative teaching Methods are adopted by using audio-visual aids. Documentaries on culture, folklore and literature are shown with the help of LCD projector as the students use to study the various aspects of film making. We arrange film shows and talks in the department with the personalities and the technicians in the field of cinema. The department library has a collection of around ten thousand books. Students are allowed to make full use of the books, journals and periodicals. ‘NANTHUNI FOLKLORE CLUB’ acts under the auspicious of Malayalam department. MALAYANMA, a research forum of PhD students has been functioning in our department and conducting various programs related to research from July 2014. Department of Sankrit: The contributions made by the Sanskrit Language and literature to the Indian culture are incredible. It gives a major support to the development of Malayalam Language and Literature. So Sankrit Language and Literature was introduced along with Malayalam Course, as complementary and additional language in UG Program and Main course in MA Malayalam. Students are awarded endowment and scholarships for the academic excellence. The department conducts ‘SAMSKRITHAVARAM’ in August/September (Sravanapoornima) every year. Assistant Professor Dr. S V Aryambika, the present department faculty, is a famous poet in Malayalam. She has won Kerala Sahitya Akademi Kanakashree Award (2012) and Kendra Sahitya Akademi YUVAPURASKAR (2015), Edasseri Award (2018), Kadavanad Smrithi Award (2018) and Ettumanoor Somadasan young poets award (2019).