Department of English

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The department of English, one of the prestigious departments in the college, started functioning with the inception of the college in 1948. Ever since, it has made giant strides in imparting quality education. Eminent scholars like Prof. Sahasranama Iyer popularly known as ‘the Professor of Professors’, Prof. Sivarama Pillai, Prof. Ramiah, Prof. Vasudeva Panicker, Prof. Easwari Amma, prof. G.B. Pillai, Prof. E.P. Narayana Pillai, an Oxonian, Dr. M.G. Nayar and M.G. Gopalakrishnan were all members of the faculty. The former illustrious members of the faculty also include men of letters like Dr. Ayyappa Panicker and Prof. G. Kumaran Pillai. The department is pledged to bring out the best in students by moulding their character, sharpening their communicative skills and equipping them to face the varied challenges in life. The members of the faculty strive to keep abreast of the latest trends in teaching methodologies by attending workshops and seminars.  The department is enriched by an excellent and experienced faculty. It has initiated diverse innovative techniques in teaching and learning of English like Remedial Course, Communicative and Spoken English classes and has organized regional and national seminars. The department has a well stocked library with titles on diverse aspects of English language and literature. It has a repository of multimedia DVDs, CDs and Cassettes along with state-of-the-art audio visual equipment. The alumni Association is a source of support to the Department. The alumni exists as a firmament of inspiration and timely help, extending financial assistance to economically backward students and helping aspiring students in securing suitable placements. It is a matter of great pride that several former students have made substantial contributions in diverse supplementary fields of activity like Journalism, IT, Management, Law and the media.