Department of Physics

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The Department of Physics is one of the oldest departments in the erstwhile Travancore University, where degree course in Physics was offered. Prof. P.K. Krishna Pillai was the founder Head of the Department. In 1964 the department turned out to be a Post Graduate department under the headship of Prof. S. Gopala Menon. Since 1984 the department has been approved as a recognized research centre of Kerala University. At present there are 7 approved research guides in he department, and 13 scholars doing research under them. The major areas on which research work is going on are theoretical Physics, Crystal Growth, Bio physics, Radiation Physics, Mossbauer Spectroscopy, Thin film studies and Nano Science studies. As on now 12 scholars have obtained their PhD through this centre. Very eminent teachers were faculty member of this department including Prof. T.B.K. Menon who later became the Pro-Vice Chancellor of Cochin University of Science and Technology. The Alumni of this department are occupying higher echelons of administrative, academic and scientific fields. At present all faculty members are possessing PhD degree. The department provides a very vibrant and dynamic academic ambience with effective tutorial work, discussions and seminars. The department facilitates opportunities for higher studies and placements. The intake capacity of degree course is 48 and that of the post graduate course is 12.