Department of Psychology

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The Department of Psychology was established in 1981. The department maintains a long term association with the students even after passing out from the college and encourages individual autonomy, responsiveness to student/parent needs and feedback, and gives ample opportunities for vast exposure to the students. Regular lecture classes, invited lectures, seminars and other innovative teaching techniques are used to make students familiar with advancements in Psychological discipline. PSYCHEX (psychology exhibition) provides the students the opportunity to present before others what they have so far studied in the classrooms. Department regularly conducts field visits and other extensional activities. Department also promotes the learning of Indian Psychological concepts through various activities. Regular assessment through tests helps students to realise their strength and weakness. Each batch of students is assigned the responsibility of coordinating and conducting programs every year which in turn gives them opportunity for personality development. The results in the university examinations of the department have always been excellent. Every year students grab various University ranks. The department believes that both the teachers and parents share equally, the responsibility of nurturing the future generations. So PTA meets once in a semester. Parents and students are made conversant on the scope and prospects of the subject Psychology. Parental counseling is also provided in the meeting. Special programmes are given for effective parenting. Open-door policy is maintained with personal contacts with parents. Department conducts Add on courses on 'Yoga and stress management', 'Transactional Analysis - Developing People Skills', 'Self Enhancement using Theme Centered interaction(TCI)', 'Play therapy '. Department maintains counseling cell which regularly gives counseling to students and to other required persons from teaching and non teaching staff, parents and alumni. Strong Alumni render support to the Department. Alumni of the Department regularly give interactive talks to the students which inspires the students for higher career goals. Department also conducts PG entrance coaching whereby many students get PG admissions in various higher education institutions. Students of the department remain to be very vaibrant yet sensible and realistic in a warm and homely environment provided by the Department.