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Welcome to M G College.

(College with Potential for Excellence)

Mahatma Gandhi College, nestled in the heart of Thiruvananthapuram, embodies the visionary principles espoused by the Nair Service Society's founding father Bharathakesari Sri Mannath Padmanabhan. This institution stands as a testament to the profound importance of educating, enabling, and empowering the youth while addressing the considerable knowledge and financial gaps that persist in our society.

Our college is rooted in a mission that revolves around inclusivity and social justice.

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Grievance Redressal

Your Voice Heard: Seamless Grievance Redressal for a Better Online Experience

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Our record of success and milestones, showcasing our commitment to excellence and continuous growth.


Rank: 1

Year: 2023

Arsha P R

Rank: 4

Year: 2024

Aswathy V R

Rank: 2

Year: 2024

Anantha Krishnan A

Rank: 4

Year: 2024

Nirupama A V

Rank: 4

Year: 2024

Amrutha S

Rank: 3

Year: 2024

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Experience M G College Virtually: Explore our campus, facilities, and vibrant academic life through an engaging video tour of our website. Get a glimpse of our state-of-the-art infrastructure, innovative learning spaces, and the dynamic student community that make M G College a hub for academic and personal growth. Join us on this virtual journey to discover the essence of our institution and envision your future with us.

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